10 Must-Visit Adventure Destinations for Thrill-Seekers

TAdventure tourism has become the best option for lovers of strong emotions. In this type of tourism, outdoor activities that carry a high degree of risk are carried out, such as paragliding, climbing, rafting, diving and trekking.

The main objective of adventure tourism is for the traveler to have an unforgettable experience, full of strong emotions. There are many must-see adventure destinations for thrill-seekers that should not be missed.

strong emotions
strong emotions
  1. Essential adventure destinations for lovers of strong emotions
    1. OUE Skyspace
    2. zhangjiajie
    3. Slovenia
    4. Bangkok
    5. Victoria Falls
    6. Olympic Park Sculpture
    7. The King's Path
    8. high
    9. Swakopmund
    10. Interlaken

Essential adventure destinations for lovers of strong emotions

There are all kinds of places to live strong emotions, here is a selection of the best:

OUE Skyspace

OUE Skyspace is an outdoor observation platform located on top of a tower at 300 meters, in the city of Los Angeles, United States. This impressive place offers amazing views of the city of Los Angeles.

In case you want to live stronger emotions, on the outside of the building between the 60th and 70th floor is Sky Slider. This is a glass slide that is approximately 14 meters in length from which visitors can launch.


This place is located in China where, in addition to its famous culture, there is a wide variety of attractions to experience strong emotions. In this place there is a glass walkway with a length of 100 meters.

this catwalkIt is located at 1,400 meters high and extends over the precipice of Tianmen Mountain, in the amazing Zhangjiajie National Park. Before reaching the top is the cable car from where you can enjoy amazing views. When you have reached the top, you can cross the glass walkway.


This country is located between Croatia, Austria, Italy and Hungary, and is known for its mountains, its lush forests and unforgettable castles. Slovenia is the perfect destination for winter sports.


Bangkok is located in Thailand and is the ideal place for lovers of strong emotions. It is a skyscraper with an observation deck and has a glass floor area that is located from the edge of the building and visitors can walk on it and observe the amazing urban skyline below.

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is a natural wonder located in Zambia and Zimbabwe, Africa, it offers a lot of activities like bathing in the falls themselves. To live an extreme adventure, visitors cannot stop bathing in the Devil's pool. This is a natural pool located on the edge of one of the largest waterfalls in the world.

In this area you can also enjoy whitewater rafting and fly over Victoria Falls on a zip line circuit.

Olympic Park Sculpture

This sculpture is located in London, England, where you can enjoy the highest free fall rappel in the United Kingdom. The other option is to launch yourself on the ArcelorMittal Orbit, which is the longest covered slide in the world, which surrounds the structure of the Olympic Park. From where you can enjoy amazing views of the London skyline.

The King's Path

El Caminito Del Rey is located in Malaga, Spain, known as the road of death. Lovers of strong emotions to enjoy this experience must go to the El Choro gorge, which is located about 60 km from the city of Malaga, from there to cross the suspension bridge, which is one hundred meters high.


This place is located in Norway, the city of the northern lights, where lovers of strong emotions will live winter adventures in the middle of the sea and on the snow.

The place has excellent conditions to enjoy skiing, snowmobile or sledding, you can practice in frozen fjords, fatbike or snowmobile. It is also possible to do cross-country skiing to observe the northern lights or kayak through blue glacial rivers.


Swakopmund is a city located between the desert and the ocean of Namibia, in Africa; where you can get to know the coast by boat and kayak. To enjoy the abundant marine life and the undulating dunes that are the epicenter of adventure activities, practicing on either sandboard or quad

It is possible to make a launch over a spectacularly arid coast by paraglider or parachute.


Interlaken located in Switzerland is the ideal destination for excursions and practicing any type of sports. In this place, lovers of strong emotions can practice a large number of activities. he summer months it is possible to explore the hidden gorges, slide down waterfalls, practice canyoning and rappel down cliffs.

In winter you can go sledding, explore the glaciers, ski, go snowshoeing and snowboarding.


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