Celebrating Festival/Tradition: A Cultural Heritage Experience

The customs and traditions that make up the culture of the country are part of the cultural heritage of a country. The United States is a country that has many striking and charming traditions, customs, and activities that are celebrated by its inhabitants.

Foreigners who travel to the United States for any reason should be familiar with the customs and traditions that make up the country's culture. Knowledge of the culture, traditions and customs help the person not to be affected by the cultural impact.

customs and traditions
customs and traditions
  1. Celebrating America's Major Customs and Traditions
    1. Independence Day
    2. Saint Patrick's day
    3. Thanksgiving Day
    4. Christmas and New Year
    5. Halloween

Celebrating America's Major Customs and Traditions

The United States has many customs and traditions , some of which are already known worldwide. The celebration of these festivities is carried out with very fun activities that involve adults and children.

Below are some of the main customs and traditions of the United States, which everyone should know about:

Independence Day

Independence Day is a tradition that is part of the cultural heritage of most countries in the world. But this celebration in the United States is different because it shows a great sense of belonging.

This celebration among all the traditions is the most important in the United States and is celebrated every 4th of July. American citizens celebrate the day their freedom from the British Empire was declared and they do it in style with many activities.

The activities that usually carry out this important day for Americans are: fireworks, flags, parades, fairs. Citizens gather together to celebrate the freedom of their country, this celebration is accompanied by barbecues.

Saint Patrick's day

Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated in the United States in honor of Ireland, it is a kind of tribute or recognition that is made to it. This celebration arose in the year 1800 with the arrival of a large number of Irish people in search of opportunities.

The Irish upon their arrival received bad treatment for their religion and were not offered good jobs. For this reason and for being a large group they decided to start the celebration of Saint Patrick's Day.

From there, the Americans recognized that they were wrong and joined the Irish celebration, turning it into a custom and tradition . This celebration is held every March 17, because they are proud to be of Irish descent and to be American.

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day as it is known in Spanish is one of the most anticipated festivities by Americans. This is one of the most well-known and respected traditions in the United States, because it is a very important date.

The celebration takes place on the fourth Thursday of November and the objective is to share with the family. To start the celebration, thanks are given for all the good that has been received and has happened during the year.

What is customary for this holiday is to make a dinner whose main food is turkey. In New York City, it is a tradition to hold a grandiose parade, which is called Macy's. Thanksgiving Day Parade .

Thanksgiving Day is a custom and tradition in the United States that is part of its cultural heritage . Which originated from the first pilgrims who arrived in North America who had no way to feed their own.

The natives who were in the American lands taught them how to farm and fish, they offered a dinner in gratitude.

Christmas and New Year

Christmas and the New Year are the most beautiful customs and traditions in the United States and are part of its cultural heritage. At Christmas time the houses are filled with decorations with lights and large decorated trees and cookies are baked. Christmas carols are heard in the streets, the landscapes are full of snow

The children write letters to Santa Claus and leave cookies and milk next to the tree, they also wear very original Christmas sweaters.

The New Year's celebration is very fun, among the customs and traditions is the fall of the Times Square Ball . This activity consists of lowering the sphere down a 21-meter pole, upon reaching the end the New Year begins. The celebration is accompanied with music, fireworks and lots of lights.


Among the customs and traditions of the United States, Halloween is the most popular nationally and internationally. This tradition has spread practically throughout the world and is perhaps one of the most fun, enjoyable and innovative.

This is one of the biggest festivities in the country, where children and adults become more creative and make very striking costumes. This celebration begins on October 31 and usually lasts for several days.

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