Discover the 10 best adventure destinations in the world

Adventure tourism according to the World Tourism Organization are trips made by tourists seeking activities related to the practice of physical exercise. In general, these activities are carried out in unexplorable or remote areas.

The practice of adventure tourism requires psychological and physical skills and takes advantage of the resources offered by nature. The development of this activity is in natural environments with a high ecological value and generally protected..

  1. What are the top 10 adventure destinations in the world?
    1. Aconcagua Hill
    2. wanaka
    3. Melbourne
    4. Badian
    5. Galapagos Islands
    6. Pucón
    7. Palma de Mallorca
    8. Blackcomb and Whistler
    9. Pokhara
    10. Chicamocha Park

What are the top 10 adventure destinations in the world?

Below is a selection of the 10 best adventure destinations in the world, where you can do different outdoor activities:

Aconcagua Hill

This hill is the highest in America, it is located in Mendoza, Argentina, the ascent can be done entering the Aconcagua Provincial Park. The Aconcagua hill has a total height of 6962 meters above sea level. The usual route takes 4 hours and goes to an intermediate point called Horcones.

The next point is Confluencia, which is located at 3,390 meters above sea level. To reach the top, special preparation is required. Throughout the tour you can enjoy a beautiful view.


Wanaka is a town located on the South Island of New Zealand with fabulous scenery and exciting adventures. In winter you can enjoy its Treble Cone ski resort and in summer you can enjoy the mountains and a lake where you can practice hiking, water sports, skydiving and offroad cycling.


This city is the capital of the State of Victoria in Australia and the second largest city in the country and is considered the best city in the world. This place has beautiful beaches with excellent waves for surfing and is therefore considered a surfer's paradise.


Badian is located in the southern part of the island of Cebu, offering plenty of outdoor adventures, beautiful nature, and pristine beaches. It is an underwater paradise with a tropical jungle and beautiful beaches, it is a place where you can practice many outdoor activities.

It has places where you can practice the descent by the three-layered waterfalls of Kawasan Falls and places to hike towards Osmena Peak. Near Moalboal are some of the best diving spots, with the possibility of encountering whale sharks.

Galapagos Islands

This island is located in Ecuador, with an insurmountable beauty, you can do different types of activities, such as visiting these islands in search of some animal species. It has beautiful beaches with crystalline waters with a perfect view of the seabed.


This place is an adventure center that is located near a lake under the shadow of the Villarica volcano, in Chile. It is a region with large lakes where you can enjoy sports such as skiing, kayaking, rafting and trekking among ancient trees.

To relax after all this intense activity, it has impressive natural pools in the middle of the forest, which are fed with thermal waters.

Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca is an island with spouts and caves surrounded by large cliffs, it is located off the east coast of Spain. This beautiful island offers adventures for all tastes, including biking and hiking.

It has a rocky coastal landscape and inside it has caves and canyons where you can practice canyoning, marine speleology and cliff jumping.

Blackcomb and Whistler

These are two mountains located in Canada, which have five snow parks and approximately 200 ski slopes. These slopes have different degrees of difficulty that make them the perfect place to practice extreme winter sports.

On Whistler Mountain is the alpine station that receives the most visits in North America due to its amount of snow at different times of the year. On this mountain are the Whistler Mountain Bike Park and Alta Lake Park where you can practice some sports, such as cycling.


This is a city located in Nepal and has become a favorite for thrill seekers. For the practice of water sports, there is Lake Phewa, with areas for paragliding, canyoning, mountain biking, ultralight flying and rock climbing. On the turbulent Trisuli River you can go kayaking or rafting or kayaking.

Chicamocha Park

This park is located in the department of Santander, Colombia on the road that leads to Bucaramanga. Visitors can ride a cable car, go to the cable car, which crosses the Chicamocha River canyon and is 6.3 km high. You can also practice extreme swing, paragliding and ice rink.


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