Discover the Hidden Gems of Adventure Destinations Around the Globe

The hidden gems of adventure destinations around the Globe are those places that usually do not appear on the list of tourist destinations. When talking about discovering hidden gems of adventure destinations, it refers to visiting new places that are not so visited or known.

Trips to new places allow you to get to know other cultures, lifestyles and beautiful landscapes that will lead you to experience new emotions. There are many places around the world that have wonderful charms that you just have to discover to enjoy them.

Around the Globe
Around the Globe
  1. What are the hidden gems of adventure destinations around the Globe?
    1. fat
    2. The Colombian Guajira
    3. Budva
    4. marvao around the Globe
    5. Pag Island the best destiny around the Globe
    6. Lencois Maranhenses National Park

What are the hidden gems of adventure destinations around the Globe?

Below is a list that will be of great help in discovering the hidden gems of adventure destinations around the world:


This is a quiet village located at the southern end of the Vaucluse department, in the Luberon Regional Nature Park. The visit to this small municipality can be done in one morning, it only consists of a church, a 12th century museum and a castle.

In this place you can enjoy exploration and typical architecture, going up its narrow streets, lined with tall stone houses. On the way you can admire the amazing doors of the buildings and when you reach the top of the city you can enjoy a wonderful view.

The Colombian Guajira

This region is located to the northeast of Colombia, borders with Venezuela and lies along the entire length of the Caribbean Ocean. This is one of the most amazing places in Colombia due to its proximity to a desert coast and a crystalline ocean that mixes with amazing salt flats, which are also known as salt flats.

In this place there is endemic and native fauna and flora, as well as a large number of indigenous communities. Among the most beautiful places is the Los Flamencos Sanctuary, where there are a large number of American flamingos.

The Los Flamencos Sanctuary is located near a small fishing village called Camarones and the Tapias River.


Budva is considered as one of the hidden gems of adventure destinations around the world. It is a small city with great appeal, located on the coast of Montenegro on the shores of the Adriatic Sea and is one of the oldest cities in the Mediterranean.

This city, having the climate of the Mediterranean and the culture of Europe, becomes the perfect place for lovers of adventure and adrenaline. When you visit the old town you will return to the medieval city, with old churches, galleries, cafes with a lot of history.

For those who love the sun, sand and sea, there are sandy beaches on three sides, where you can enjoy an amazing sunset.

marvao around the Globe

This is a quiet town located a few kilometers from Spain, between Castelo de Vide and Portalegre. Marvão is located in the highest part of Serra de São Mamede, where you can see Roman ruins, cobblestone streets and medieval castles.

The main charm of this town is its castle built on rocks, with walls that house a large number of kestrels. From this castle you have an amazing 360 degree view of one of the most attractive parts of Portugal.

This is a city of old stone houses surrounded by olive groves, sweet-smelling roses, orchards and fountains. That is why it is one of the hidden gems of adventure destinations around the world.

Pag Island the best destiny around the Globe

This island located in Croatia is also known as the moon rock, because one side is similar to the barren and rocky surface of the Moon. The place has beautiful turquoise beaches and one of the most beautiful sunsets.

Pag Island in summer becomes the city of Croatian parties where you can enjoy the best parties. But you can also visit the salt producing factory, where you will have a wonderful experience and it is very important to visit Novalja, which is the historic city of the island.

Lencois Maranhenses National Park

This park is truly one ofthe hidden gems of adventure destinations around the world. The Lençóis Maranhenses National Park is located in the northeast of Brazil, near the city of São Luís do Maranhão.

In this park, between the months of January and May, the uneven sand dunes become freshwater lagoons. Due to the constant rains, which leads to creating a landscape similar to a flooded desert.

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