Escape the Ordinary: 10 Unique Travel Experiences That Will Change Your Life

To escape from the ordinary, it is necessary to go to unknown places, to discover their culture, landscapes, gastronomy and everything that offers new experiences. What is learned on these trips becomes part of the traveler's memories and will remain forever.

The special moments that are lived in unknown destinations become unique travel experiences that will change your life. Trips not only provide entertainment, they also provide knowledge, because you have the opportunity to learn about new cultures, customs, history, and traditions.

escape from the ordinary
escape from the ordinary
  1. 10 unique travel experiences escape from the ordinary
    1. Rio de Janeiro
    2. Leona Vicario escape from the ordinary
    3. Paris escape from the ordinary
    4. Graffiti tour
    5. Walking through sands of different colors
    6. Visit Christmas markets
    7. Travel by train in Europe
    8. Guatemala
    9. Iguazu waterfalls
    10. Swimming with dolphins

10 unique travel experiences escape from the ordinary

When you escape from the ordinary you have the possibility of living unique experiences that will transform your life. Therefore, some unique travel experiences that will be of great help to future travelers:

Rio de Janeiro

This is a place of great beauty, but by visiting this city in Brazil it is possible to acquire new knowledge that can change your life. What it is like to go to a samba school where you will learn about samba history, how the brilliant costumes that parade in carnivals are designed. But you can also learn the basic steps to dance samba.

Leona Vicario escape from the ordinary

Leona Vicario is a Mexican town, that when visiting it you can escape from the ordinary because you live a Mexican day. Spending a day in this beautiful town consists of visiting the church, the schools, a wood crafts workshop, the cemetery and learning about its rituals.

To end the day and live a unique travel experience, you can prepare a good Mexican meal at the home of a local family.

Paris escape from the ordinary

In Paris travelers have the opportunity to live unique travel experiences , because they have the opportunity to learn about fashion, art and gastronomy. This is offered by Paris throughout the year, but in the fall you can live in the Salon du Chocolat .

In this room, cocoa experts and the best pastry chefs and chocolatiers celebrate the flavors and creations of cocoa and chocolate. This event features dances and music from cocoa-manufacturing countries and a fashion show with designs inspired by or made from chocolate.

Graffiti tour

Escape the ordinary and take a graffiti tour , this is a street art that can be admired in many cities around the world. In the graffiti tours you learn about the history of this street art and they explain about some of the graffiti on the streets.

Walking through sands of different colors

This is a unique travel experience, one that can be lived by walking on white sands on the pristine beaches of Australia. It is also possible to experience it on the black sand beaches of Iceland or on the pink sand beaches of the Bahamas.

Visit Christmas markets

Christmas markets are very common in European cities, where everything is full of Christmas lights and decorations. In these markets you can go ice skating, drink a glass of mulled wine, eat roasted chestnuts and buy some handicrafts.

Travel by train in Europe

Touring Europe by train is one of the unique travel experiences that will change your life, because at the end of the trip you will have a new vision. Because Europe is made up of countries with very different cultures, where laymen, Catholics, conservatives, liberals, lovers of beer, wine, among others, coexist.

When touring Europe by train, you share with local people and travelers from other parts of the world with whom you learn about other cultures. What will help to change the vision of the world and will help to adapt to new trends.


Escape from the ordinary and visit Guatemala that offers the traveler a great cultural experience. On a tour of this country it is possible to learn about its indigenous roots that are still present.

The visit to Guatemala allows you to live a unique travel experience in the ruins of the great Mayan cities in the Petén jungle.

Iguazu waterfalls

A unique travel experience is the excursion in zodiac -type boats , which consists of navigating into the Iguazú river canyon. The other experience that is also unique is the helicopter flight to fly over the Iguazú Falls.

Swimming with dolphins

Swimming with dolphins is a unique, unforgettable travel experience that causes a very pleasant feeling. This can be experienced in tourism development Puerto Aventuras located in the Mexican Caribbean, north of Playa del Carmen. In this place it is possible to meet and swim with the dolphins in their natural environment.

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