Exploring the Fascinating History of New York in Culture and Heritage

The history of New York begins when it was discovered by the Italian explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano on April 17, 1524. The fascinating story begins from its founding, its transformation to become one of the main financial centers of the world.

The official name of this city is New York City and is popularly known by its acronym NYC. It is the most populated city in the country, headquarters of the United Nations Organization and several important companies and financial institutions in the world.

New York
New York
  1. Exploring the fascinating history of New York
  2. New York cultural heritage
    1. Statue of Liberty
    2. 9/11 Memorial
    3. Center park
    4. World Trade Center

Exploring the fascinating history of New York

Italian explorer Giovani Verrazano discovers the New York Bay on April 17, 1524 . When they were in search of a route to unite Europe with Asia at the request of the King of France Francisco I.

On September 12, 1609, the Englishman Henry Hudson, serving with the Dutch East India Company, arrived in New York Bay . This company is established in Manhattan in 1625 and creates the first European colony and gives it the name of Nieuw Amsterdam .

The governor of the colony Peter Minuit in 1626 buys the island of Manhattan from the Indians for the amount of $24. By 1653 Nieuw Amsterdam was founded as a city and a wall was built in order to protect itself from indigenous attacks. This wall was located on what is now known as Wall Street.

On September 8, 1664, the English commanded by Colonel Nicholls conquered Nieuw Amsterdam . They proceed to change the name to New York to honor the Duke of York.

In 1775 the War of Independence began and on July 4, 1776, Congress approved the Declaration of Independence. In these documents thirteen colonies are declared independent and the United States is formed.

On September 3, 1783, once the war was over, the Treaty of Paris was signed and the independence of the United States was recognized. The English are expelled and General Washington is received triumphantly in New York on November 25.

The city of New York for 1785 becomes the capital of the United States, which lasted only one year. The current layout of the city was done in 1811 by Mayor De Witt Clinton.

New York cultural heritage

New York City is made up of an impressive cultural diversity, which has been influenced by various countries. New York's cultural heritage is made up of a mix of Asian, African and Aboriginal, Caribbean, Latino and Anglo cultures.

The cultural heritage of New York is made up of:

Statue of Liberty

It is a symbol that represents political freedom and independence, perhaps it is the most famous monument in New York . this statue It is located on Liberty Island, it has a height of 46 meters and if the base is counted it measures 93 meters.

The Statue of Liberty was given as a gift by the French in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. It was inaugurated in October 1886 and declared a World Heritage Site in 1984 by Unesco. Since that time his story and fame has spread all over the world.

9/11 Memorial

The 9/11 Memorial is a memorial located at Ground Zero in New York . It was built as a tribute to all the people who were victims of the terrorist attacks in 2001.

This monument is an oasis of tranquility that aims to remember the past and that the future is full of hope.

Center park

Central Park is one of the symbols of New York , it is one of the largest urban parks in the world. This place occupies 340 hectares, measures 800 meters wide and more than 4 kilometers long and has been the scene of numerous series and movies.

In this place there are waterfalls, artificial lakes, meadows and areas that look like a real forest. Central Park is also home to the Central Park Zoo and various attractions.

World Trade Center

This building was destroyed in the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and has been rebuilt to become one of the symbols of New York . Here were the Twin Towers that were founded in 1973 and represented the symbol of the power of the American economy.

This area after the incident was renamed Ground Zero, currently it has been transformed and is where the World Trade Center.

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