Family Fun in the Great Outdoors: Top 5 Activities for Kids

Outdoor activities for children lead them to interact with the people around them and with the environment itself. When played with children, creativity is promoted and cognitive development is benefited.

Outdoor family fun benefits children's development, helps with their imagination and creativity. There is a wide variety of activities for children that can be done outdoors, which are very beneficial and positive.

outdoor activities for children
outdoor activities for children
  1. The 5 best outdoor activities for children
    1. Dodgeball
    2. Hide or seek
    3. Fly kites
    4. Going for a walk with skates or a bicycle
    5. make campsite Outdoor activities

The 5 best outdoor activities for children

Outdoor activities for children allow them to get away from electronics, video game consoles and other digital activities. This also improves their social skills by being in contact with other children.

The top 5 outdoor activities for children are:


This is a well-known outdoor children's game and is performed with a ball, it helps children to get physical exercise. To practice this activity, a track is required to be divided into two parts and form two teams with the same number of participants.

The teams formed are each located in one of the parts of the track, a draw is made to determine who starts. The starting team must throw the ball with the aim of reaching one of the members of the other team.

The ball cannot fall to the ground before hitting one of the members of the other team, in case it hits one of them, it remains a prisoner. But if one of the teammates blocks the ball before it falls, they will be released.

Hide or seek

This is one of the best-known outdoor activities for children , it is very simple and does not require any element. In this game one of the participants is placed at a point in the game area and begins to count to 10 or to the number decided by the participants in the game.

The rest of the participants in the game run away and hide, when they finish counting they must chase the children until they are caught. The children who manage to touch the place assigned to count without being caught are saved.

Children who are discovered or caught are eliminated until the next round begins.

Fly kites

This is an activity that brings double entertainment and fun, because first you start by making the kite. This activity requires a series of materials and the participation of children supervised by an adult.

The elaboration of the kite helps the child develop his creativity and imagination by giving him the design he wants. When the kite is ready, all that remains is to go out and fly it, the child must be taught to handle and control the strings.

After having learned and already flying the kite at the highest level, the child will feel satisfaction and have fun watching the kite moving with the wind.

Going for a walk with skates or a bicycle

This is an outdoor activity for children that they like a lot and it generates a lot of excitement, they also do a physical activity. Skating or cycling are activities that can be practiced in parks, squares, on the marina promenade, among others.

In this activity all family members can participate at the same time and have fun all together. With these two activities the child exercises most of his muscles, acquires resistance and is a way of sharing with the family and other children.

make campsite Outdoor activities

Camping is an outdoor activity for children that helps to get out of the routine, bonds between the family are strengthened and moments of great fun are spent. This activity consists of spending the whole day surrounded by nature, where you have to condition the space where you are going to camp.

You must set up the tent where you will rest or protect yourself from rain or sun, prepare food and have fun with games. When night comes and there is little light, children can be shown the wonders that heaven has and that are hidden by the universe.

This activity requires the help of a telescope that will allow you to observe the stars, discover the constellations and everything in the sky. This is a very creative activity where the child learns about the universe, to take care of nature and to share with his family.

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