From Mountains to Beaches: The Best Unique Travel Experiences of 2023

Travelers in 2023 seek to live unique experiences with family or friends that allow them to discover new destinations and learn. The destinations to live these experiences are those with exuberant nature, beautiful beaches and great cultural richness.

The best unique travel experiences of 2023 will be to destinations where you can learn, savor, disconnect, and engage with the locals. Travel trends will also be to destinations where authenticity and sustainability are present.

unique experiences
unique experiences
  1. The best unique travel experiences of 2023
    1. Guyana
    2. Jamaica
    3. Alberta
    4. Zambia
    5. Colombia

The best unique travel experiences of 2023

Below is a list of different destinations with the best unique travel experiences of 2023:


This is one of the smallest and least known countries in South America, it is located on the North Atlantic coast. 90% of its territory is covered by tropical jungle, it is a perfect place to connect with nature.

In Guyana there are still some endangered species like the giant anteater and the elusive jaguars. You can enjoy its vast tropical forests, incredible waterfalls and the famous 63 Beach.

To live unique experiences in Guyana, all you have to do is visit the Kaieteur Falls and walk inside. This tour can be done in a small aircraft or minibus, this is a long trip, but you can see wonderful places.


Malta is an ideal country for those looking to have fun and relax, where the new meets the old and the avant-garde. It is one of the smallest countries in Europe, it is located in the center of the Mediterranean and it has great attractions.

This is a country with an interesting history, numerous churches, a great artistic heritage in Valletta and its good food. But it also offers a wide variety of outdoor activities that will make travelers live unique experiences that will be difficult to forget.


Jamaica means land of forests and water, it is one of the countries of Insular America located in the Caribbean Sea. This country offers a great cultural diversity and variety of attractions in its white sand beaches, rivers, mountains covered with vegetation and waterfalls.

Jamaica is an easy-to-explore island that provides unique travel experiences in its paradisiacal settings and through culture. To which must be added its delicious cuisine, music and the contagious joy of its inhabitants.


Alberta is one of the provinces of Canada, its capital is Edmonton and the second largest city is Calgary. It is a province well known for its natural wonders, such as Banff National Park and the Athabasca Glacier, located in the Rocky Mountains.

The traveler will have a unique experience in its prairies and the novelties offered by cities like Calgary and Edmonton in glass and steel. But in this province it is also possible to learn about the indigenous culture through its native inhabitants of this territory. Among what you will learn how they use their medicinal plants to make remedies.


The Republic of Zambia is a country located in the center-south of the African continent and is characterized by being landlocked. In this country , unique travel experiences are lived , such as swimming on the edges of a waterfall and taking a photographic safari.

The trip to this country represents an excellent opportunity to learn about African culture and get in touch with nature. Despite being landlocked, three major rivers flow through its territory: the Zambezi, the Kafue , and the Luangwa .

This republic offers its visitors a great variety of lakes, national parks and waterfalls, so they can relax and live unforgettable experiences.


The Republic of Colombia is located in the northwestern region of South America, a wonderful place unknown to many. It is a country with impressive natural and cultural wealth, as well as beautiful colonial cities .

To live one of the unique travel experiences, you must know its network of National Natural Parks. Like the Los Nevados National Natural Park, which has 59 protected areas and ecosystems inhabited by Afro-Colombian and indigenous communities.

In this country, visitors can get to know its culture, enjoy adventure tourism, traditional festivals, delicious cuisine, beautiful beaches and much more. Among the most emblematic is to take a tour of the coffee axis where you can go hiking in the Valle de Cocora .

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