From Mountains to Seas: Adventure Destinations for Every Type of Traveler

There are different types of adventure destinations that adapt to each type of traveler where they will enjoy themselves to the fullest. In these destinations you can go hiking, canyoning, surfing, mountain biking, hot air ballooning, flyboarding, among others.

Adventure destinations are those unknown places, far from big cities where you can do outdoor activities. In these places, travelers carry out extreme activities, which guarantee fun and a waste of a lot of adrenaline.

every type of traveler
every type of traveler
  1. Adventure destinations for every type of traveler
    1. Bali
    2. Swiss
    3. Norway
    4. Germany type of traveler
    5. New Zealand

Adventure destinations for every type of traveler

For lovers of adventure tourism, a selection of the best adventure destinations for each type of traveler is presented:


Bali is an island in Indonesia and is the most popular among travelers who like to enjoy outdoor adventure. It is the ideal place for those who like to enjoy adrenaline-charged vacations and offers a wide variety of activities for every type of traveler.

For lovers of volcanoes and hiking, they can go trekking to Mount Batur and enjoy a beautiful sunrise. For those who just want to relax there are the beautiful beaches with crystal clear water.

Lovers of bike tours and walks have the Sidemen area where they can learn about Balinese culture and admire the landscape. For those who love canyoning, they can go to the north of Bali, especially to Munduk or Kalimudah, which are places with many waterfalls and different types of terrain.

In Bali there are spaces for diving, rafting, surfing, rappelling, you can cross deeper ravines in the jungles of Bali in a canoe.


For travelers who just want to see new places, visit Switzerland and tour the Alps aboard the Bernina Express. This is a train that runs along one of the most popular rail routes in the Swiss Alps.

The Bernina Express train departs from Chur station via the Brusio Viaduct, the Engadine Valley and the Bernina Pass. In this panoramic train it is possible to observe the amazing Swiss landscapes, such as Lago Bianco and the lakes Lej Nair and Lej Pitschen, in addition you can see St. Moritz, which is known as the Summit of the World.

The route of this train ends in Tirano, which is an Italian city located about 160 kilometers from Milan.


This country is known as the one with a passion for being outdoors, where you can make a greatLots of adrenaline pumping activities. For which it has the most beautiful natural environments.

Norway is a country with adventure destinations for every type of traveler, you just have to choose the type of outdoor activity you want to practice. Due to the variety of the landscape you can practice hiking, cycling, canoeing, surfing, running, climbing mountains, skiing or enjoying quiet walks.

Germany type of traveler

It is the ideal adventure destination for bicycle lovers, it has more than 70,000 kilometers enabled to cross the Alps. With this tour it is possible to discover the paths of its rivers and its.

In case you want to get to know Germany with a walk, the activities of snowshoeing, geocaching, hiking and Nordic walking are available. These activities are carried out by its biosphere reserves and national parks.

In the different German cities and their surroundings you can carry out explorations through their different green spaces. Travelers who just want to relax can practice yoga on the Baltic Sea beach, hike in the volcanic Eifel, spa in the Harz mountains or ride a bike through any of the routes.

Travelers who want adrenaline-fueled adventures can go canyoning in the Allgäu Starzlachklamm. In the Alps you can practice snowboarding and skiing, in the port of Hamburg from a crane you can do a bungee jump and from the island of Sylt you can go skydiving.

In Germany it is also possible to do other activities such as horse riding, kitesurfing and windsurfing.

New Zealand

New Zealand is an island with attractive natural spaces that offer the opportunity to practice different types of adrenaline-charged activities. This island has volcanoes, beaches, rivers and mountains, which is why it is one of the best adventure destinations for every type of traveler.

Adrenaline-charged activities can be done in New Zealand on land, in the open air, at sea and in rivers.The most popular activities in this adventure destination are: diving,sailing on jet skis, skydiving, skiing and bungy.

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