Get Off the Beaten Path: 10 Unique Travel Experiences You Need to Try

The way to live unique travel experiences is by taking a tour of the world that has spectacular places. Which have not yet been recognized as tourist spaces, despite having great attractions, such as its landscapes.

The trips are made to see other places, their culture, their people, enjoy their landscapes, their gastronomy. It is recommended that each time you travel, go to different places so that you have unique travel experiences that you must try.

travel experiences
travel experiences
  1. 10 Unique Travel Experiences You Must Try
    1. Fly in a hot air balloon
    2. Travel by train unique experience
    3. Watch the midnight sun
    4. Go to the water battle
    5. Road travel unique experience
    6. Visit the salt desert
    7. Thermal baths
    8. The road to Santiago
    9. Rio de Janeiro's carnival

10 Unique Travel Experiences You Must Try

To stop traveling to the most frequented places, here is a selection of 10 unique travel experiences that you must try anytime:

Fly in a hot air balloon

This is an activity that can be done in various parts of the world, it consists of flying through the sky where you can enjoy a different air. This is a unique experience that does not require training, it is safe and all you have to do is guarantee an unforgettable view.

The most spectacular place to appreciate the landscape is in Albuquerque in New Mexico, where the International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta is held.

Travel by train unique experience

The train is a means of transport that is a good option to visit some countries, especially those in Europe. When using this means of transport to travel, stress is eliminated a bit, you only have to arrive fifteen minutes before.

When you arrive at the station, all you have to do is find the train, get on and start enjoying the scenery. In case the trip is long and at night, opt for a night train where they assign you a bed with clean sheets.

This allows you to rest comfortably and according to the category is shared with only one person. This is an efficient, comfortable and fast way to travel, where you will have a unique travel experience.

Watch the midnight sun

This is a phenomenon that occurs in the polar circles only in the summer months. At this time it is possible to enjoy sunlight 24 hours a day without interruption. To enjoy this show you must visit countries like Finland, Sweden, Greenland or Norway.

Go to the water battle

This is a unique experience that will be hard to forget, it consists of being in Thailand on its New Year which takes place in April. The water becomes a purifying element and people can be seen pouring water over the Buddhas in temples.

Songkran Festival , considered the greatest spectacle in the world, takes place .

Road travel unique experience

Road trips allow you to enjoy stunning landscapes that can hardly be seen on a plane trip.

Visit the salt desert

The largest salt flat in the world is the Salar de Uyuni located in Bolivia, South America. This is a unique experience that will remain in your memory forever and should be tried at any time.

This place during the cold seasons, which are between the months of May and November, looks like a white sea. In the hot seasons, due to the rain, the place becomes a mirror, causing a wonderful effect.

Thermal baths

In the city of Spas it is possible to enjoy at night in a pool with a temperature of 37ºC. This while on the street the temperature is 7ºC, making it a unique travel experience that is difficult to forget.

This experience can be lived in the thermal baths of Budapest, very popular for curing diseases, currently they are used to cure fatigue.

The road to Santiago

This is a trip where you have the experience of meeting people, detoxing from technology and learning to live with the bare minimum. On this trip you find spiritual peace, you are in contact with nature and people get fit.

The Camino de Santiago is an adventure that can be lived at any time of the year, this city receives pilgrims daily.

Rio de Janeiro's carnival

Rio de Janeiro Carnival is one of the unique travel experiences you must try, where you live like more locals. This is the biggest party in Brazil and the celebration is non-stop for 5 days.

In this celebration, street bands play samba throughout the city from 8 in the morning and dance to the rhythm of the blocos de carnaval.

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