Get Ready for an Adventure: Top Destinations to Visit

The best destinations to visit an adventure are almost inaccessible, dangerous and exotic places, where extreme activities can be carried out.

To live an adventure on vacation you have to prepare physically, because activities that require great physical effort are carried out. In adventure trips, mountaineering, cycling, caving, paragliding, rock climbing, among others, are practiced.

destinations to visit
destinations to visit
  1. The best destinations to visit and live an adventure
    1. baffin island
    2. Malaysia
    3. Australia
    4. Pakistan
    5. Transamerican Route
    6. Hermanus

The best destinations to visit and live an adventure

Below is a list with thebest destinations to visitand get ready for an adventure:

baffin island

Baffin Island is the largest in Canada, the fifth in the world and the second in the American continent. It is located in the extreme northeast of Canada in the Nunavut territory and belongs to the islands of the Canadian archipelago.

It is one of the best destinations to explore the Arctic and appreciate the northern lights in the months of October to April. This is because it is the time when there is less light pollution that hinders vision.

This island is the perfect destination for lovers of the cold because they will have the opportunity to dive on the ice.


This is a country that belongs to Southeast Asia and occupies some parts of the island of Borneo and the Malay peninsula. It is known for its tropical forests, its beautiful beaches and the mixture of cultural influences.

Among the most amazing adventures that those looking to visit adventure destinations can experience is bungee jumping. Which can be done from the Macao Tower, which has a free fall of more than 233 meters and is considered the highest jump in the world.


People who want to experience an adventure on their next vacation should not miss visiting Australia. This is one of the best destinations for those who love water sports, it has perfect waves on its coasts where you can practice activities such as kitesurfing, surfing, windsurfing and bodyboarding.

In the city of Sydney, the Sydney-Hobart or End of the World regatta, as some call it, is organized as it is considered the most dangerous. This is because it is done in a place where there are strong waves and the route is through narrow areas.

But there are also options for another type of adventure such as hiking that can be done through natural parks. It is possible to climb the spectacular Ayers Rock and cross the red desert in a 4×4 at maximum speed.


The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is located in South Asia and is one of the best adventure destinations, ideal for expert and daring travelers. The main activity is to reach the second highest mountain on the planet, the K2 base camp. P

To reach this place it is necessary to cross the Gondogoro La, which is a mountain pass located in the Baltoro region, which is located between two glaciers. The tour lasts 15 days round trip, you can enjoy beautiful wild landscapes.

Transamerican Route

The Great Trans-American Route crosses the center of South America for more than 4,000 kilometers, passing through Brazil, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina and Brazil. This is a perfect area for adventure tourism, with places like the Uyuni salt flat in the Atacama desert, the Tatio Geysers and the Valley of the Moon.

When you arrive in Bolivia you can stop taking a tour of the Laguna Colorada in a 4×4, you can see thousands of flamingos. Another surprising place due to the color of its waters is the Laguna Verde.

In Argentina there is the attractive Quebrada de Humahuaca and the wild lands of the Esteros de Iberá, which are swampy areas. Where you can see a large number of animals such as alligators, foxes, capillaries and a wide variety of different bird species.

When you arrive in Brazil, you cannot miss visiting one of the most surprising natural treasures, such as the Iguazú Falls.


This is a city located on the southern coast of South Africa, it is one of the best destinations to enjoy whale watching. The sighting can be done from the high seas or from the coast and you can observe the southern right whales, humpback whales and Bryde's whales.

In the coastal town Gansbaai, great white sharks can be observed and it is possible to swim with them.


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