Step Outside Your Comfort Zone: 10 Mind-Blowing amazing Travel Experiences

Visiting new destinations leads to the unknown, you learn a lot and you get an amazing travel experience. Travel experiences serve to know and understand the world, meet new people and allow you to enjoy life.

Unique travel experiences are those that allow you to discover new places, cultures, and do sports in the open air. What was experienced on the trips becomes part of the memory, but at the same time you learn and change the way you see the world.

amazing travel experience
amazing travel experience
  1. Amazing unique travel experiences
    1. NY
    2. Atacama Desert
    3. A visit to Washington
    4. Angel jump
    5. Antarctica
    6. Arashiyama Bamboo Forest amazing travel experience
    7. The Azores
    8. Boracay amazing travel experience
    9. Cabo San Lucas
    10. Isle of skye amazing travel experience

Amazing unique travel experiences

Below is a selection of some amazing unique travel experiences that will help you get out of your comfort zone:


The Big Apple, as this city is known, seduces, falls in love and has an amazing travel experience . It is a city with a wide variety of cultures with people coming from all over the world.

In this city you can visit Times Square , Central Park, Madison Square Garden, Wall Street and the September 11 memorial. But it also has excellent gastronomy, expressions and street events, which are a learning experience.

Atacama Desert

The Atacama Desert is a plateau that stretches across northern Chile, but extends into Peru, Argentina, and Bolivia. Is the driest non-polar desert on the planet, after Antarctica, but it is the place with the greatest diversity in Latin America.

This is a place with geyser or inhospitable plains, volcanoes and gigantic mountains, which do not seem real, making visitors live amazing experiences . The Atacama desert was recognized by the World travel Awards , which is considered the Oscar of tourism.

A visit to Washington

This city is the seat of the executive power of the country considered as the first world power, in it an air of order and institutionality is breathed. When you arrive in Washington, you can visit its most emblematic places such as the Abraham Lincoln Monument, the White House and downtown .

Angel jump

Angel Falls is the highest waterfall in the world and is located in Venezuela, a country with a wide variety of natural wonders. This amazing and beautiful place was sacred to the indigenous people and in 1994 it was declared a World Heritage Site.


This is the fourth largest continent in the world, the coldest, driest, windiest and highest. But it is a place with unsuspected landscapes, 99% of its surface is covered with ice.

It is a place where the traveler will live amazing travel experiences with its spectacular view of the glaciers, volcanoes and canals.

Arashiyama Bamboo Forest amazing travel experience

Bamboo Grove as this place is also known is a natural bamboo forest located in Arashiyama , Japan. This locality is situated approximately 7 kilometers west of downtown Kyoto.

This area offers a variety of options for visitors to acquire unique travel experiences. The Arashiyama Bamboo Forest was listed by the Japanese authorities as one of the 100 best soundscapes in the country. This due to the creaking of its leaves and its wood.

The Azores

The official name of The Azores is the Autonomous Region of the Azores, a group of nine islands, which are part of Macaronesia . These islands are located in the Atlantic Ocean and are 1,600 kilometers from the coast of Portugal.

Visitors can enjoy a wonderful marine environment to discover everything that this archipelago has to offer. Which has beautiful green valleys, steep cliffs, ancient volcanoes and dream beaches.

Boracay amazing travel experience

Visitors who have had amazing travel experiences in Boracay consider it one of the best islands in the world. This is a small island that is approximately a little over 10 square kilometers located in the Western Visayas region .

This is a very popular island in the Philippines with incredible beaches to rest, have fun and live unique experiences, such as White Beach.

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is located at the southern end of the Baja California peninsula, in Mexico. It is a tourist city considered one of the most beautiful in the world

This beautiful place has crystal clear waters, unique landscapes and amazing marine life. Among its main attractions is the legendary Cabo San Lucas Arch, El Médano Beach, the Tourist Corridor, places where you can have an amazing travel experience.

Isle of skye amazing travel experience

The Isle of Skye or Fairy Islands is located in Scotland, considered the most beautiful country in the world. This place is endowed with impressive landscapes and incredible corners such as the geological forms called The Storr .

Among its greatest attractions that provide a unique travel experience to travelers is the Old Man . This is a large rock that is shaped like an elongated leaf and its height is 50 meters.

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