Beyond the Tourist Trail: Exploring the Angeles Authentic Culture and Heritage

The Angeles is a city in the State of California, the most important and the largest, it is also the second largest in the United States. The Angeles culture is influenced by Latino communities and these communities have made many cultural contributions.

The Angeles is a city with a wide variety of cultural attractions and a dazzling heritage. This is one of the cities in the United States that has the largest number of theaters, museums and different cultural attractions.

The Angeles
Exploring the Authentic Culture and Heritage of The Angeles

A large number of art walks are held every month in the city of The Angeles . Which includes the realization of events of great popularity in Venice Beach and in the center of the city.

The City of The Angeles is considered the entertainment capital of the world when it comes to television and movies. The predominant religion in The Angeles and throughout the state of California is Catholic.

The investigations carried out estimate that more than half of the inhabitants of this state have been baptized under the Catholic Christian faith. This is demonstrated by the fact that the Archdiocese or the The Angeles church is the most renowned Catholic temple in the entire United States.

It is for this reason that the most important traditions for most of the citizens of The Angeles is Christmas or Easter. This city also has other attractions that are the favorites of the student population: springbreak and homecoming .

These are activities organized by educational institutions that aim to motivate students. For the development of these events, different recreational activities such as sports practices and dances are programmed.

In The Angeles, as in the rest of the country, they also celebrate Halloween, the Day of the Dead, and Thanksgiving. It is also a cultural tradition to celebrate Christmas and New Year, which are dates to be with the family.

Cultural attractions in The Angeles include:

Griffith Observatory The Angeles

This place is one of the main cultural attractions of the city of The Angeles, and offers an impressive panoramic view. Which ranges from the Pacific Ocean to the top of the Hollywood Hills.

The Griffith Observatory , was opened to the public on May 4, 1935, in the first five days of its opening it received more than 13,000 visitors. This observatory is currently recognized at the national level as one of the leaders in public astronomy.

The observatory also has programs of special events and public parties, where you can see different natural phenomena. Among them is the rain of stars, which has made it one of the favorite places for the inhabitants of this city.

The LA Murals

These murals are considered treasures of the city and tell a great number of stories of the present, past and cultural future. The murals also represent the hopes and dreams of the city of The Angeles. Most of these murals can be found in Metro stations.

Macarthur park

This is one of the natural parks in The Angeles , located in the East Hollywood district. Its name is in honor of General Douglas MacArthur and it has been chosen as the city's 100th historical cultural monument.

The park has a lake that is fed by natural springs, but has an artificial floor. This is because it was installed when the construction of one of the subway lines was underway.

Art The Angeles

Art is one of the main activities of the culture of The Angeles , one of the most important celebrations is the Grammy . This is one ceremony where the talent of the most influential artists in the industry is rewarded, which was established in 1959.

This great event usually takes place between the months of February and April, the official announcement of the dates is made in advance. This is one of the most famous and expected events for artists, where their effort and dedication will be recognized.

The Grammy is broadcast on the CBS television network, but can be viewed all over the world. But fans can come to the event venue to get a closer look at their celebrities and take pictures.

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